Er is een nieuwe versie van PHP-Nuke uit, versie 5.6 (je ziet 'm hier). Alhoewel de revisiemarkeringen vermelden dat de Dutch language file in /modules/News/languages is aangepast, zit er nog steeds een irritante syntax-fout in op regel 44, daar moet namelijk een haakje sluiten in bijna aan het eind. De rest van de regels heb ik ook vertaald, je vindt de file hier , je hoeft alleen de extensie .txt er af te halen.

Verder ziet alles er uit als vertrouwd, kijk even in de releasenotes:

- Now you can have banners in a block (like "Supporters" block in
- Minor cosmetic changes in the default information block
- Users can't see option to change theme if we have only one (1) theme available (obvious, no?)
- Fixed copyright notice in content pages and very little cosmetic changes
- Changed $nuke_url with $nukeurl in AvantGo module
- Added Amazon block (no DB needed), read instructions on the block's file and if you want to help in some way the PHP-Nuke project, leave it as is, thanks.
- Added explicit copyright notices in their places (if you remove it, you'll die)
- First attempt to fix the statistics table's duplication bug (Thanks to Carlao from
- Fixed bad font tag in mainfile.php
- Modules block now order by Custom Title
- Fixed Private Message bad link in the submissions function
- Replaced old forums with Splatt Forums (Thanks to Splatt from for his help!)
- Added check for empty admin cookie (Thanks goes to Blurtoad)
- Fixed some mistakes in the DB queries in counter.php
- Fixed number of stories in home when addin a new user, now it takes the config.php variable
- Changed $user_prefix variable instead of $prefix in Private Messages, auth.php file
- Fixed a bad $user_prefix in upgrade file (5.4 to 5.5)
- Fixed & character in backend.php
- Some sql_layer corrections
- $prefix added to Statistics tables creation in upgrade file (5.4 to 5.5)
- Fixed inclusion of voteinclude.php in Downloads module
- Removed the Multidimensional array in article.php in News module (after an audit: too much CPU load) You can still use related links based on Topics (in Topics Manager)
- Fixed a missing "); in the Dutch language file in News module

De download vind je op deze site onder de download sectie of op