Because SME 8.0 is based on Centos 5, support ends at 31 March 2017. I planned the upgrade to  SME 9.0, a long time ago, but some things made me postpone it for a while: 

  • The upgrade scenario is a full backup, re-install and a restore. I foresaw all kinds of problems.
  • I had installed all kinds of software, some of that had to be re-installed.

After an inventorisation I started on a day off. The backups worked, I had tested those with a partial restore. The re-install went smoothly but soon the first problem arose:

The USB stick I used as a boot medium was made a part of the RAID array. Without the USB stick, GRUB gave an error, and all my attempts to change the configuration failed. In the end I installed SME 9.1 by booting off the USB stick, but pulling the software from the internet. The installation bug seems te be resolved.

Harddisks got another devicename, I got two degraded raid array warnings because the USB stick still was part of one array, cleaned out the hardware.

The restore went surprisingly fast, and soon I had most things working. In the mean time it's been a few weeks and I'm not missing anything, the backups were complete. Even my web-page with an MQT client worked out of the box. All in all a few hours of work over a dan and a half.

After that I installed a few contribs:

Some software added on the command line:

  • expect
  • netpbm
  • Piwigo
  • Owncloud

And all is good. I've cleaned some files I had collected over the years. I configured the backup to a local NAS.

I'm very pleased with Letsencrypt, that has put an end to the self-signed-certificates and the warnings I got. Together with the redirection to https per ibay it's a little bit safer.

After this I'm going to upgrade / rebuild some websites. No hurry, everything I have is supported and safe.