Because SME 8.0 is based on Centos 5, support ends at 31 March 2017. I planned the upgrade to  SME 9.0, a long time ago, but some things made me postpone it for a while: 

  • The upgrade scenario is a full backup, re-install and a restore. I foresaw all kinds of problems.
  • I had installed all kinds of software, some of that had to be re-installed.

After an inventorisation I started on a day off. The backups worked, I had tested those with a partial restore. The re-install went smoothly but soon the first problem arose:

Just so others can do this too, I'll try to explain all the things that I've done to run this website on a machine that is in the cupboard that also holds my fusebox.


I've aimed at minimum energy usage, but it still had to have some power. The current hardware is capable of streaming HD-movies to my mediaplayer and a pc at the same time and handling the website and mail.

To change the SSH port, use the following instructions (thanks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and his howto here). I've used these instructions and some alterations I made previous to:
- limit the outside ip-addresses that can connect to SSH
- change the default outside listening port

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