You might have seen this, I have installed a new module, ADSL LOG. With this module I keep track of my network-traffic to the internet. Of course I didn't make this myself, but this is the first PHP script that I have modified in a major way. The start ◊Ěs borrowed from Bali, but the version available for download (1.0) is not the version that you see active there. My adjustments have made a version that seems the same as the version on that site. Small adjustments may follow.

- removal of 4 syntax-errors (adsl.sql has one comma to many, data.php and index.php have a reference to the theme "Bali", data.php has a statement ($index=1;) that causes a syntax-error message.
- added clickable links for days, years, months
- added functions to see a particular day, month or year.
- changed the database: day, month and year can do with smaller storage than an int
- changed the database so packets get logged also.
- changed some load and statistical procedures for logging of packets.

possibly I might get some feedback and adjust some more.

Left to adjust:
- make an installation-procedure
- add an short howto, possibly "borrow" that too.
- as the amount of data grows, I might change the datamodel again as to get a better performance. Now I'm having no problems, but there's still not much data.
- I might change graphics.
- check / clean up all scripts.

download available here.