Somewhere ten years ago, this website started. And it's still here, and that's strange as it has no real contents other than stories like this.
For now we celebrate !

It started on April 20th 2002 on a Pentium 1 133Mhz, but the first web-hits (other than my own) arrived somewhere in july.
Moved everything to linux June 26th 2002.
January 2003 had the 10000th hit.
June 2003 had the 25000th hit.
November 13th 2003 the first Dilbert comics came online, after that the webhits went up fast.
November 28 2005 I had the 1.000.000th hit.
October 9th 2008 I had the 10.000.000th hit.

The hardware has grown over the 10 years, from a Pentium 1 133 Mhz with 48 Mb memory to an Athlon X2 240, a MSI 760GTM-P33 motherboard, 4 Gb Kingston 800MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL6 memory, an 350 watt power supply by Be Quiet (Pure Power BQT L7). All that combined with six hard disks in a case by Antec, the 300. This does the website and the mail and some home-server stuff.

Dilbert is still responsible for the major part of the webhits, but the total number of webhits has decreased to around 140.000 per month. The main reason for that is, that the official Dilbert website is now searchable.