I have been monitoring and changing the url-rewriting-part, and everything seems stable now. The results so far are:

  • Google has 772 links for this website. None of them have the new, longer name. That would take more time, so I'll just wait. Funny thing is, that almost all the links to stories are to the printer-friendly-page.
  • Yahoo has 11500 links for this website. None of them have the new, longer name.
  • MSN has 52086 links for this website. Some of them have the longer names.

The latest changes include some changes to the longer url's, the printer-friendly url's are now also renamed. This website has got 202 stories, and about 12000 pictures. There are lots of pages showing the data-traffic and web-statistics, but those hardly contain any text, so I think they won't be indexed. I have added an alternative text to the Dilbert-pictures of 1993 through 2003.

The index of Google looks more efficient, MSN has way too much links, one for every generated page. Yahoo has a sort of best-of-both-worlds, a link for every comic and generated page, but not too much.

I have relocated the Dilbert-pictures to prevent linking. This time I have taken drastic measures and moved the pictures outside the web-directory. The only way they can be seen, is bij executing a script that returns the picture. Of course, that script checks some things. The script has been executed more than 5000 thimes in the last 4 days, so it's the most-wanted script from this site by far. The Dilbert-module has been changed accordingly, and I will change all other picture-modules soon.

Average webhits per month are now around to 120000 pages per month.