It's becomming almost a daily task to remove all kinds of spam from this website. And I'm not alone. This week I'm finding some new spam, this day already twice. Someone is adding links and submitting news, probably hoping that the entries get approved automatically. To prevent more spamming, I have added a captcha to the page that submits news, and I have simply renamed the link-module. The link-module uses some static names, I had to alter the source a little. This will prevent anyone from using a generic PHP-Nuke url to add a link. Soon I discovered that this didn't help, so I changed the configuration so only members are allowed to post links.

Renaming the link-module was easy, all the rewrite rules keep the user-interface the same. If that doesn't help, I can add an captcha also, or change the configuraton so non-mebers may not add links.

I already added an captcha to to feedback module, and added a filter to Awstats, but it looks like it's some sort of race between the spammers and the people that try to stop them. So I will have to add some other things in the near future probably.

I'm looking through the logs on a regular basis, everything with the status POST is suspicious.