At januari 14th we passed 10.000 hits, at 7th of june we passed the 25.000th hit. Lots of these hits are caused by search engines, which is the result of the altering of the dynamic php url's to shorter html url's. See for an explanation here. The number of human visitors is changing every day, but it's still less than a hundred per day. That's not surprising, as I haven't got any meaningfull content at this website.

I've been busy altering as much url's as possible, all statistical pages have got a short url (see for example this page for 07-june-2003, and all pages that show my internet traffic, like this page for 07-june-2003. This has created a lot of static (pseudo static !!) url's on this website, 2 for each day, 2 for each month, a few general ones, one per visiting ip-address, totalling more than 2000. After my submission to a few search engines (early march 2003) the numer of hits has gone up to about 2500 per month.