It's hard to see, but I'm busy changing all the url's of this site. To do this, I use the mod_rewite module of the Apache webserver. I've copied this from GoogleTap, and after reading some documentation I started modifying. I try to change as much url's from this website as possible to normal html-links, so no dynamic pages anymore. Because of this, search-engines can search through this website better and the url's get shorter to type.

I've changed:
- the file .htaccess, where the translation from the translated shorter names (like /article63.html) to the normal names (like /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=63) takes place.
- the file header.php, where the translation from the longer names to the shorter names takes place, just before the page is sent to the client.
- some pages like the statistics and adsl-log. In these pages two notations for the & were used, namely & en & . I've changed the last ones to &, so that I've got less rules to make and the construction is fast as can be.
You can download the files here and here. The files are made for PHP-Nuke 6.0 , but should be easily changed for another version..

Use &(amp;)? as matching string, this matches both used notations for &.

A real nice explanation of how this works, is to be found here. The document is made for PostNuke, but the principle is exactly the same.