Now that I'm searchable through Google (I Google therefor I am), I see that I'm attracting non-dutch traffic. I've translated some pages already, but I'll translate them all soon. So if there's anything you can't read, but it looks interesting: tell me ! (send me a private message or post some news). During the proces of translating all my content, it's possible that some messages disappear for a short while. In that case: check back later. Switch to english using the button with the english flag on the left hand side.

I've just finished upgrading to PHP-Nuke 6.0 (download here) together with the latest dutch languagefiles (first release candidate) (download here). Right after that I've installed a module that i had seen at an co-workers website, for each ip-address the hits are individual counted. (download here). To see some results, click at statistics on the left and choose for "View IP Statistics". I have changed the statistics module (counter.php in /include) to exclude all internal ip-adresses. The new look for PHP-Nuke 6.0 is the new look for the website.

It takes a little getting used-to, but I've changed the complete layout. The mayor change (beside some fonts and colors) is the fact that the news is now displayed in two columns, it looks a little like a newspaper. I'll keep changing this theme until I'm satisfied with it. I have also added four blocks:
- A calender
- the top 10 downloads
- the top 10 links
- th top 10 new downloads.

At the frontpage (somewhere on the right hand side) a new block appeared: World Weather. By default this shows the weather for Deventer/Teuge ("Deventer" is misspelled bij MSNBC weather, the source of the weather data), and it is very much like my local weather as the airfield Teuge is less than 6 kilometers away. Click on the link for a fiveday forecast, or pick another town.

Download World Weather 3.2 (here) I have adjusted two files, a sql-file containing all dutch cities (download here) and a dutch language file(/modules/World_Weather/language/lang-dutch.php) (download here and rename to .php)