Using Google-tap (see article number 63), Google has seen chance to dig through this website really deep. I've added some extra translations pointing to PHP-Nimda, ADSL-Log and the weathermodule. Besides that I've changed the keywords, so now it's time to sit back and wait to see what the search-engines make of it. Google has indexed 102 different pages for this server.
Another way to get the same effect, is by using Googlifier. I've read that Googlifier is a little slower, but more important: I can't read the home-website as it is written in Russian.

You may have noticed that the old weathermodule (World Weather) ceased to work., the supplier of the data, has changed their website and now the scripts no longer work. I have replaced the module with MS-Weather version 2.0, also available for download (here). Also available is a file with sql-statements to add 40 Dutch cities (here).

We got our 10.000th hit yesterday. The 10.000th visitor was Frank. Of course, most of the hits are caused by myself and some co-workers. Hits from the home-network are not counted at all. Look at the Statistics module for more detailed data.

Today we've passed the 12.000 hits. We're doing 1000 hits per month, and those are mostly search engines. We had been searchable through Google but somehow we dropped out of that. I've been busy with the search-engines and changed the layout of the webpages with GoogleTap and used this page to submit this site. We're now searchable through Google, Altavista, Alltheweb and lots more search engines. We'll probably get more human visitors this way.