I've added an Open Therm GateWay to my home setup. This device is situated between the central heating and the thermostat, and it monitors the communication between those two. Ypu are then able to indert extra messages. The device I bought from Nodo Shop. It's an DIY project, and I had only to solder a few parts. I added an NodeMCU to act as an bridge from serial to WiFi.

I hooked this up, added the gateway to Domoticz and it worked.

Eindelijk is het zover, de 21e eeuw bereikt deze website ook. Binnenkort wordt de thuis-aansluiting ge-upgrade naar FTTH. Natuurlijk betekent dat wat down-tijd, maar gezien de enorme bezoekersaantallen (ahum) zullen er niet veel teleurgestelde gebruikers zijn. En daarna gaat het allemaal nóg sneller !

Two weeks ago I switched to FTTH from Xs4all, and I got an new modem, a Fritz!box 7490. Internet from the FTU is connected to the Lan1 port, TV is connected to Lan4, the other ports are used by the internal network. The Fritz 7490 doesn't do SNMP, so I've been looking for a way to monitor the traffic. And this is what I've done:

Beware: Following the upgrade to Fritz!OS 6.20 this construction proved to be unstable, one of the commands or the telnetd contains a memory-leak, causing the modem to crash and reboot periodically.