It's becomming almost a daily task to remove all kinds of spam from this website. And I'm not alone. This week I'm finding some new spam, this day already twice. Someone is adding links and submitting news, probably hoping that the entries get approved automatically. To prevent more spamming, I have added a captcha to the page that submits news, and I have simply renamed the link-module. The link-module uses some static names, I had to alter the source a little. This will prevent anyone from using a generic PHP-Nuke url to add a link. Soon I discovered that this didn't help, so I changed the configuration so only members are allowed to post links.

I've changed the rewritten url's of the articles again. I noticed that some website (now unfindable of course) that had changed the urls for the articles to include the subject. I've done this also, for now just to see wether the search-engines like this. See links like this one. See the complete archive for a complete list of articles. See 'read more' for details.