After almost 10 years of using PHPNuke, it's time to move on. PHPNuke is sort-of stuck in development, and after a system upgrade I'm moving this website to Joomla.

The new website will appear soon !

We have been down for 6 minutes and 15 seconds, in that time I installed a usb2-pci-adapter. I'm sure nobody missed us. I had been testing the backup2 contrib in combination with an external usb disk. The backup works fine, but usb 1.1 is real slow, it took more than 16 hours for a complete backup. Now the external disk is connected through usb 2.0. Testing with hdparm, I get a throughput of 19 MB/sec.

Next week, on februari 14th there will be a power cut in the area I live in. So this website will be down for probably two hours. Just check back the later, and everything will be back to normal.

update: Survived the first one, have been down for 45 minutes. Just another short one tomorrow !

By the time you read this, the server is back up. This is what happenend at the 3rd of july:
I was editing something, and as I checked the log I noticed one of the disks from the raid-5 set had failed. Usually a rebuild will fix this, so I started a rebuild. I also started a backup, just in case. About 10 minute later the second disk gave an error, and the disk-array had died. The backup hadn't even finished.

Some parts of the website are still not what they used to be, but I'm recovering fast. To make the recovery more difficult, I transferred everything to new hardware and replaced allmost all the system software by something newer. See 'Read more' for further details.

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