Even though I'm a satisfied user of SME Server, I still want to change little things. The changes that spamassassin makes to the subject of spam-marked-mail is one of them. I like to see how much the spam-score is in the subject, the fact that it is spam is obvious to me, as I get the spam sorted into another mailbox.

To make these changes, I edit the file /usr/share/qpsmtpd/plugins/spamassassin and change the line

$transaction->header->replace('Subject', "***SPAM*** $subject");


$transaction->header->replace('Subject', "[SPAM $score] $subject");

This changes the tag from ***SPAM*** to [SPAM 11.5] so it's easier to select any messages that are only barely marked spam and possibly adjust the spamassassin score a little.

Unfortunately, there is no template to do this, there is a configurable item in the spamassassin-configuration, but that doesn't work yet.