With a little adjustment, I'm now capable of using NZBPerl at SME-Server 6.01. Now I can download from newsgroups with my server. The errormessage i got was "Can't locate threads.pm in @INC"

The adjustments are:

  • installation van uudeview, to be found here.
  • Installation of the perl module XML DOM
  • Installation of the perl module Term Readkey
  • Patched nzbperl itself, removing the invocation of threads in the perl-script. Download the modified script here.

    The effect of the patch is, that decoding of the attachments takes place in the main-script, not in a side-thread. This causes the downloads to stop for a short while. In the configuration-file of nzbperl or at the command-line you should indicate that you don't want to use any threads. Removing the threads-part ensures that you can run nzbperl on an non-threaded perl installation.