I've had this on my TODO-list for a very long time: the editor to create a text-file for each Dilbert comic. I've created this editor, and now I'm up to a monumental task: create a text-file for each comic.

I Already had the full-text search engine in place, it's PHPDig. It's small, but that's no problem for me, it is just what I need: find a Dilbert episode when I need to. It delivers direct links to the pictures, because of that I never put that part of the website onto the internet, it might be to popular, and I don't want to become internet's Dilbert search engine, that's dilbert.com. The first content for the full-text search came from the Dilbert finder.

If I edit 7 comics per day, I should be finished in two-third of a year.

screens of the editor and search-module:

I've tried OCR, but the font doesn't scan to well. I had problems with the difference betweed I and T, and all the words near the lines get garbeled.
I might give OCR a go, perhaps just as a base-text.