Some days ago, I've moved my server to an new machine, a linux-server. This is now a Pentium 1 133 Mhz equipped with 48 Mb memory. I've used a standard linux distribution (e-smith), but made some minor adjustments. I'll post my adjustments.
I've changed:
- stoppen not used services (ftp, atalk)

- transferred the website (from windows to linux), including the MySQL database. I had to adjust some links (forward slashes to back slashes).

- installed PhPSysinfo

- installed PhPMyadmin

- connected ADSL with help from Adsl4Linux

I've used the forum at Minddigger a lot (dutch !)

- turned off squid. A bug in the configuraton troubled me for a while, look at Minddigger and e-smith for an description and work-around. Without squid I'll get a better performance.

- added a virusscanner (AvMailgate) which wil catch all incoming mail, scan this first and if contaminated will bounce the mail back. The intended receiver of the mail gets a message that some mail has been bounced. The mailscanner does an automatic daily update. Manual here.

- After a while I found a panel to stop services via the server-manager. Panel to be found here.